Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Early Fall 2013: Preview

Wow! It has been forever since I've even thought about updating this blog page.  The big news is that I switched jobs (!) and am hoping, now, to devote more time to creating and selling crafts this season. I've been messing around with some new tools and am excited for some new offerings for the fall/winter of 2013. Below is a sneak preview of what I am working on.

SCARVES: lacey, fun, colorful, aztec. Here is an example of one that is surprisingly soft and very versatile. Lots more scarves and cowls to come...

HAIR CLIPS--created from felted recycled sweaters in a variety of colors and shapes. Suitable for moms and kids alike.

Handcrafted PILLOW CASES: Using familiar Christmas hymns and words related to the spirit of the season, I have created several pillows that display sentiment for your living spaces. The cases will fit a standard 16" x 16" pillow.

WHIMSY CLIPS: Using lace and other fun notions, I have begun to create a line of hair clips that work for hair, belts and necklaces. They have a "Matilida Jane" vibe to them and no two are the same.
wordMUGS: Using high-quality ceramic markers, I decorated found mugs to create a fun, light-hearted gift for friends, family or anyone on your Christmas or birthday list. Awesome paired with cofffee or a home made chai tea/hot chocolate recipe.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hammer and Thread Shop

In a few short weeks I will begin a new "season" of items. This year I am going to focus on three places to sell my stuff--a new artisan shop,, and the annual Beneath the Tree event here in Grand Rapids. This season I have a strong desire to diversify what I offer.

I have been a "scarf girl" for a long time. I like all kinds of scarves--long, short, plain, colorful. I have too many to mention in my closet. Some gals gather necklaces and bracelets and earrings. I gather scarves. We have a good relationship;-) A few years ago I bought a very light weight infinity scarf that has become a favorite. I want it in 5 more colors. Problem is, they don't sell it anywhere. So, I will be making it.. with a few added twists/details of my own. Pictures are coming soon.

I also have some great ideas for necklaces...again, pics are coming soon.
Finally, here is the link to the new shop opening up this month. If you are in the GR area, please check it out! There will be lots of items available all hand-made in here in West MI.


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Beneath the Tree & Harderwyk Craft Show: THIS WEEKEND!

So what can you do with a pookbellum brooch pin? Seriously, so many things. Above is my simple collage to give you some fun ideas... My new favorite is taking a large one and placing it on a skinny belt. So chic!
Rich details make hats and scarves pretty yet practical
Lots of sparkle available for the holidays and every day. The teens love these.
Coupon books--only $3! A great stocking stuffer (they hold checkbooks or receipts too) I've had my original for over 2 years and it works great.
Feminine beanies

Pookbellums will represent at both "Beneath the Tree" and Harderwyk Craft show events this weekend! I have a mass of new items including beanie hats for moms and kids, coupon book holders, belt bracelets, flower headbands and creative brooch pins with all kinds of vintage jewelry and buttons.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fall 2011: Fresh Looks

I love the fresh apple smell of fall and the amazing colors of this season. It is such a beautiful time of year here in Michigan. I associate fall with new beginnings--new school year, new clothes and a new line of items for pookbellum accessories!
I am pretty excited about my new line of items for fall of 2011. Inspired by jewel tones, found vintage jewelry and lots of lace, the new pins and headbands are sure to be a welcome accessory to your wardrobe! I also have two new products--up cycled (re-used) chunky belt bracelets made from found genuine leather belts and infinity (circle) scarves made from mens dress shirts. Both add a unique and personal touch to any outfit As for now, I am planning on selling my items at three venues this fall-- Busybees in Ada is hosting an open house in October--more details to come soon. I have plans to attend Harderwyk craft show on November 12 in Holland, MI and we'll be doing another Holiday open house (potentially in Ada) in late November/early December like last year. As always.. if you need something custom made or would like me to send you something out, feel free to email me at
New brooch pins for fall/winter

Mensware fabrics made into infinity scarves
Looks great with a simple shirt or dress!
Chunky belt bracelets
Fun stretchy headbands with lacy jewels in tweeds and colors

Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring has {almost} sprung!

For the first time in ages the sun is shining and the temperature is somewhat closer to warm than cold. Thus my inspiration for new pookbellum pins. In spring-y colors perfect for a jacket, shirt,scarf or light sweater, they are sure to make your plain spring clothes sparkle. I've been reading the fashion blogs and checking out the new spring mags for perfect colors and I am really excited about the spring pins. Cornflower blue, tangerine, navy, lace, purples, roses, peaches and pinks are some of the great colors of my new "line" of spring pins. Stay tuned. I plan to post more as I get them made. OX--Jessica
I'd like to name this one, "spring tulip harvest." I love the burlap button and have to find more. It was in a random stash from the thrift store!
the back-side of all my pins now have both a clip and pin so it can be worn in the hair or on an item of clothing.
loving the nautical-navy and rose vintage button. I am excited to wear this one on a bright spring jacket or blazer.
feminine peaches, greens and golds are a great compliment to the stripes on this set of pins.

Pookbellums headbands and pins are now being sold in some Grand Rapids stores!
check out Snapdragon boutique (on E. Paris near Cascade Rd) and Busy Bees Consignment on Ada Dr. for the latest selection.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Texting Gloves

I often spend several hours a day at my home computer working on school work, checking facebook and meandering about the world wide web. My office, though full of beautiful natural light, is not the warmest room in the house. Thus the newest edition to the pookbellums craft collection: texting/computer gloves. Make of upcycled wool and cashmere sweaters, top-quality microfleece and wool remnants, these little gems are great for cold winter days, quick trips to the store or anytime you need relief from the chill. I use them often because I am constantly tying little shoes and zipping up zippers. I don't exactly enjoy putting on and taking off my gloves ump-teen times a day. I have made them in various sizes, and even for kids--to use, say, for playing the Nintendo DS in the car or walking around(trailing behind?!) while doing errands. Yep, they do the trick.
Anyhow, check the product links or email me if you are interested.
I am hoping to attach a paypal account and pictures of my products to this site in the near future. Stay tuned.....